June 16, 2013

Purple Princess Introduces Self

Hi there!

How's your day going so far? Me, ehhhh.... Same as usual. My normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

I'd like to introduce myself if you don't mind. I've already posted three entries (in-a-very-very-slow-paced-way) and I haven't introduce myself to you. I want to do this in a proper way too so I had to wait a bit before posting this.

I am an online freelancer and I work on two jobs. One full-time and one part-time. I do 60+ hours of work per week. Yes. Workaholic. I can't seem to be at ease if I am not working during weekends. I'd feel lame. I am lucky there are always projects to do and I got a part-time job too.
I really wanted to start a blog a few years back but I was scared and I was not confident enough to do so. It also worried me because I am no English major and I don't have that much talent in writing. But then, I realized, how would I be able to express myself if I make such high standards anyway. As long as I don't hurt or offend anyone. Right?

So finally, I did start this blog and it was also the same time when my work schedule started to get so busy. That's the reason why it takes me a while to post something. My main goal is to express myself and share my thoughts on so-so-so many things in  life, beauty, pets, food, fashion, travel, makeup, relationships, and anything under the sun.

I live in a small city so the easiest way for me to get updates on new products to try is online. Sometimes, a certain product is not even available in my area that I have to order it online or I don't get to buy it at all. And that kinda sucks, just in a little way though. I could have easily chosen to live in a big city, but, I didn't. Advantages of living in a smaller city: quieter, less pollution, less crime. Clubs, malls, cinemas, and other places to hang out that a big city can offer does not really bother me since I don't really go out a lot. I only go out to do shopping, get groceries, do errands, visit family, and vacation. Kinda boring for some, but yes, that's how my life is.

I don't have the greatest life , and not the most interesting either, but I try to live mine as happy as I can. We only have one so why not make the most of it. And in terms of "the most of it", that really depends on the person on how they want it to be.

For now, I don't really have drafts that I keep. Don't have so much time yet to write. I type, then preview, then publish. It's like chatting or something. There is not really a lot to edit too. Hehe.

I really hope I can share something with you guys since I also learn a thing or two from the many bloggers I follow. It'd be nice to meet new people through blogging too. And also, it's nice to keep some kind of journal too.

I'd love to visit your blog too. Please feel free and share them on the comment section and I'll sure visit it.

Will be posting another entry soon. :)

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