June 1, 2013

The Bella in Me

I first learned about beauty subscription boxes last year. Which was also the same time when beauty boxes here in the Philippines were first launched. When I first saw unboxing photos of those who got them, I got hyped and excited to  subscribe. But then, I was kind of torn between which beauty box to subscribe to. I just did not know which beauty box would suit me. And, subscribers won't really know what products are going to be in the box. 

At one point, I thought "Why not subscribe to all the boxes? That would be so much fun and it's more exciting". Hmm... No. I decided not to. Especially when I started seeing subscribers who were not happy with the boxes they got.

So, I had to wait and see for the next few months. (more below)

When I've finally decided to get a beauty box subscription around January of this year, I was unlucky because all the beauty boxes from all brands were sold out. I had to make sure I get a box for the next month.

I wanted to go with BDJ Box. I have their Belle de Jour Power Planner, so I trust them since I liked the planner a lot (I  don't know if that makes sense). The products they send out are products that I can easily buy in case I do like it. Drugstore brand or not, as long as it works for me, I'm okay with that. Most of the products in the BDJ Boxes are very useful too. And I've used a lot of them. Hopefully I can be able to review them too. 

The BDJ Box usually has full sized items in it along with some sample products. The number of full sized items usually vary but so far, there has been a lot of it. It also includes discount coupons. One thing for sure, it's worth more than the money I paid for. :)

Some photos of the BDJ Boxes I've received.
May BDJ Box
April BDJ Box
March BDJ Box
February BDJ Box
I've been a subscriber of the BDJ Box since February of this year. And so far, I am really satisfied with what I have received. I always get excited whenever the BDJ Team would announce they are almost shipping the boxes. In terms of customer service, they really have nice people who answer you online. Whenever I email them about something, they always send an email back to me. Either answering my query or letting me know they got my entry (giveaway cases). 

They also have Editorials from their Beauty Ministry and product reviews from different Bellas who subscribed. Their website is really helpful. Whether you are a rookie, seeker, enthusiast, or pro about beauty, there is always something for you.

I was late for the June box though. It was a bit sad. I'll be getting the box for July instead. But, it's okay. I'll just have to subscribe early next time. The BDJ Boxes run out pretty quick too. So get yours at www.bdjbox.com.

How about you though ,are you subscribed to any of the beauty boxes here in the Philippines? What are your thoughts about it?

Check out my May BDJ Box unboxing here.

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