June 4, 2013

Sample Room Purchase #4

I ordered products from Sample Room last week and finally the package arrived today. This is not the first time I got products from them. Actually, it's my fourth. I still had a lot of points left (from VIP membership) to spend on the website so I thought of getting more products I can try. 

You do know Sample Room, right? If you don't, you can visit them at sampleroom.ph and get your own samples too.

The Products:
1. Céleteque DermoScience Restorative Firming Overnight Cream
    • Price - Php 899.00
        *Product Description: CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Restorative Firming Day Cream SPF 15 has Phytocelltec™ and Rye Seed Extract that help restore the skin’s natural lifting properties, leaving the skin more firm. It contains UVA/UVB Sunscreens that provide SPF15 for protection against the harmful effects of the sun that may lead to premature skin aging. These ingredients restore overall skin’s youthful look and vitality.

      2. Céleteque Dermoscience Restorative Firming Day Cream SPF 15
      • Price - Php 899.00
           *Product Description: CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Restorative Firming Overnight Cream has Phytocelltec™ and Rye Seed Extract. It also has Aqua-Shuttle, a unique technology that encapsulates the moisturizers and penetrates deeper to the skin to provide intense moisture. It visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. With continued use, skin firmness is improved and pores are refined.

        3. Zenutrients Tea Tree Deo Lotion Spray
        •  Price - Php 249.95
           *Product Description: Neutralize body odor and provide effective, long-lasting deodorant protection while leaving skin cool with nature's antiseptic: Tea Tree Oil. This ingredient is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil, so it's used for the treatment of odor, dandruff and acne as well. Spray onto underarms after cleansing; let it cool and dry a bit before dressing. This deodorant spray is safe to use for pregnant women. If you suffer from excessive sweat on hands and feet, it can be used on those areas as well.

          I am not really an avid user of day and night cream combos. The last time I tried it, it did not really have any dramatic effect on me. But, I am still on the hunt for products so I will give these Céleteque products a try. And yes, both products are full size. Awesome, right? 

          I also grabbed the Zenutrients deo spray because of its organic ingredients. And I am currently interested with green, natural, and organic related beauty products. This sample is 50 mL. The full size of this one is 100 mL for Php 275.00 only .

          My Sample Room Points were used to purchase these and I also paid Php 130.00 for the shipping fee. To learn more on how you can earn points, read it here.  You can also buy 1,000 points and become a VIP Member. Learn how.

          I'll try and share my previous Sample Room purchases in my next entry. I know, I know.... I could have done it in order (Sample Room Purchase #1, 2, & so on). And I will next time. I'll keep that in mind. 

          Will be reviewing these products once I start using them and we'll see if it works well.

          Do you know other websites or companies that offer what Sample Room does? Let me know if you do know any. 

          Ciao! :)

          *Product descriptions used in this post are from Sample Room website. www.sampleroom.ph

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