June 19, 2013

Sample Room Purchase #1

Hi guys!

Today, I'll be sharing with you one of my previous Sample Room purchases. This was my first time getting something from their website. I just love getting samples. I can be a hoarder sometimes. I just want to keep trying different products here and there. One reason for that is I am still on the hunt for products. I like some of the stuff I am using at the moment though. They mostly work for me. But, I haven't found the "IT" product for me yet.

So, below are the samples I wanna share with you guys. Thank you Sample Room!

Sample Room Purchase #1  

The Products:

1. Zenutrients Ginger RX Balm 

  • Retail Price: Php 225.00
  • Full size: 50g 
  • Sample: 20g  
  • Product Description: Reduces stress, soothes away tension, relieves aches & helps blood circulation. Ginseng has been used for centuries to heal, relieve & promote well-being.

2. Adore Charmed Body Spray

  • Retail Price: Php 129.75
  • Full Size: 100 mL
  • Sample: 100 mL     
  • Product Description: Floral, Fruity, Musky, Woody, Ambery

3. C-lium Fibre (Husk)

  • Full Sizes & Retail Prices: Sachet Box 100’s (Php 1271.00), Habit Pack 30's (Php 375.00), Lifestyle Jar 200g (Php 687.00), Refill Pouch 300g (605.00)
  • Sample: 12 sachets for 12 day use
  • Product Description: C-lium is made of 100% natural psyllium that has 14 times more natural fiber than oatmeal or cereal to help eliminate the signs of aging.
     - Helps lowers bad cholesterol levels  
     - Aids in controlling blood sugar levels 
    - Helps eliminate excess fats 
    - Helps promote good digestion

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